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Sandra J. Orenstein, LICSW

Master in Social Work, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Are you looking for a professional who can help you find the answers locked inside you?

Safe and Supportive

I have been a therapist for many years. Even when I was in high school, friends would come to talk with me because they felt I could help them sort out their questions and conflicts. Then, it was mostly about boy or girlfriends. Now it is much more.

I believe that the best solutions to your problems lie within you, and so I have learned that my role as therapist is to create a safe and supportive environment in which you can access your own answers. I listen attentively so that I may hear fully and deeply those things with which you are struggling. I do not judge, find fault, or criticize, nor do I have any vested interest in the direction of your choices... leaving you free to hear and examine your own thoughts and feelings, and figure out what you want and need. Based on my professional training and experience, I help you identify unexplored areas, suggest options, or coach in techniques to support higher levels of communication, insight, relationship, and personal fulfillment in whatever areas you are working through.


Trusted Credentials

The MSW following my name stands for Master in Social Work. My degree is from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Social Work, which offered a high level of professional training. The LICSW stands for Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, which is the highest level of licensure in the field of Clinical Social Work. I chose this route to professional practice because I believe this is the least restrictive and most broad based field by which to help people realize their full potential.

Can I help you?

Experience with many of life's challenges.

My expertise includes psychotherapy with individuals, couples, or families who are experiencing discomfort or transitions in their life due to relationship problems, divorce, or loss; marriage counseling; parenting issues; depression; or anxiety. I have been in Private Practice for over 25 years...